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The Place the Persons of the Trinity Should Have in our Lives (Luke 1.39-56)

Scripture: Luke 1.39-56
Translation: 1.39And Mary got up in those days and went quickly into the mountainous regions to a city in Judah. 40And she went into Zachariah’s house and said hello to Elisabeth. 41And it happened as Elisabeth heard Mary’s hello that the child in her womb jumped. And Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. 42And she spoke up in loud voice and said, “You’re blessed among women! And the Fruit of your womb is blessed! 43And so why do I get this blessing [lit. how is this mine], namely that the mother of my Lord would come to me? 44Moreover, look, when the sound of your hello reached my ears, the child in my womb jumped for joy! 45And the woman is blessed who believes that there will be a fulfillment for the things that were truly spoken to her from the Lord!” 46And Mary said, “My soul glorifies the Lord! 47And my spirit celebrates because of God my Savior, 48because He looked at the lowly position of His slave! Moreover, look, from now on all generation will call me blessed, 49because the Powerful One did great things for me. and His Name is holy, 50and His mercy lasts forever and ever for those who fear Him! 51He performed a powerful victory with His arm. He completely scattered those arrogant in the attitude of their heart! 52He took down powerful rulers from [their] thrones, and raised up lowly people. 53He filled the hungry people with good things [to eat], and sent the rich people away empty. 54He took care of Israel His slave, by remembering mercy, 55just as He told our fathers, to Abraham and to His seed forever!” 56And Mary stayed with her about three months. Then she went back to her own house.

1.      Structure
a.       Setting: Mary visits Elisabeth in Judah and says hi (vv.39-40)
b.      Elisabeth’s Holy Spirit Inspired Blessing (vv.41-45)
                                                              i.      Structuring event: Mary says hello, the baby jumps in the womb, and the Spirit comes on Elisabeth (v.41)
                                                            ii.      Blessing of pregnant Mary (v.42a)
                                                          iii.      Blessing of unborn Jesus (v.42b)
                                                          iv.      Explanation of the Blessing (vv.43-44)
                                                            v.      Blessing encouraging Mary to faith (v.45)
c.       Mary’s Song of Praise (vv.46-55)
                                                              i.      Structuring event: Mary responds aloud (v.46a)
                                                            ii.      Mary’s praise and joy (v.46b-48a)
1.      Praise (v.46b)
2.      Joy (v.47)
3.      Basis (v.48a)
                                                          iii.      Mary’s reputation as blessed, because of what God did (v.48b-49a)
1.      Blessed reputation (v.48b)
2.      Basis (v.49a)
                                                          iv.      The Worthiness of God to be praised (vv.49b-55)
1.      He is Holy (v.49b)
2.      He is eternally merciful to those who fear Him (v.50)
3.      He acts powerfully and righteously (v.51)
4.      He reverses the fortunes of the powerful and the helpless (vv.52-53)
5.      He has mercy on His People as promised (vv.54-55)
d.      Closing: Mary stays for three months and goes home (v.56)
2.      Themes
a.       Blessing/blessedness/lucky/fortunate/favored
b.      John the Baptist the Preparer for Jesus
c.       The Divinity, Messiah-ness, and Supremacy of Jesus
d.      Praise to Yahweh
e.       Yahweh is faithful to keep His promises to His people
f.       Salvation/deliverance is here
g.      Yahweh is powerful
h.      Yahweh is merciful
3.      Doctrines
a.       Jesus is Fully God
b.      Jesus is the Promised Messiah
c.       Yahweh is Holy, Faithful, Merciful, Eternal, All-Powerful
d.      Yahweh is Worthy of All the Glory

1.      Outline
a.       The Holy Spirit must be the most desired Person in our lives, because He empowers praise and ministry and joy
                                                              i.      As soon as the Spirit came praise of Christ occurred
1.      Elisabeth praised Christ and God
2.      Mary praised God
                                                            ii.      As soon as the Spirit came ministry happened
1.      John Prepared for Jesus
2.      Elisabeth encouraged Mary
3.      Mary shared her praise
                                                          iii.      As soon as the Spirit came supernatural joy was present
1.      John jumped for joy
2.      Elisabeth celebrated
3.      Mary celebrated
b.      Jesus must be the most important Person in our lives, because He is the promised Messiah, God come in the flesh
                                                              i.      Jesus being the Messiah matters because many people argue against Christianity because they say the Bible is not consistent, but if Jesus is the Messiah, which He is, then the Bible is super consistent! That Jesus is the Promised Messiah is one of the things that makes Christianity so believable. If Jesus really was the Messiah the Only way that could happen was if our God revealed in the Old Testament was the True God if He was the Faithful, Trustworthy, Holy, Omnipotent God that He is!
                                                            ii.      He is God, which we can see because Elisabeth says “the mother of my Lord” and she means Lord in the God sense, not in the British parliamentary sense.
                                                          iii.      Christ’s importance is evidenced by John preparing for Jesus while he is still in the womb! Actually they are both still in the womb!
c.       God must be the most trusted Person in our lives, because He is faithful to all His Promises, because He Holy, Righteous, All-Powerful, Merciful, and Eternal
                                                              i.      He is faithful to His promises, so we should trust Him
                                                            ii.      He is merciful, so we can trust Him even when we are undeserving
                                                          iii.      He is Righteous, so we can trust Him to do the right thing
                                                          iv.      He is Holy, so we can trust Him as God
                                                            v.      He is All-powerful, so we can Trust Him to be able to act
                                                          vi.      He is eternal, so we can trust Him regardless of time, we can trust Him forever
d.      The Holy Trinity must be the Only Worshiped God in our lives, because of Who He is and What He has done/does/will do.
                                                              i.      Worship should be our natural response
                                                            ii.      Gratitude should be our motivation
2.      Discussion Questions
a.       How desired is the Holy Spirit in your life? How so?
b.      How important is the Messiah, Jesus, to your life? How so?
c.       How trusted is God the Father in your life? How so?
d.      Does knowing that Jesus being the Messiah affirms to us the truth of the Bible help you have more confidence in God in your Christian life? How so? Would knowing more about why Christianity is believable help you? Why or why not?
e.       Do you notice all the blessings God has given you in life? Do they fill you with gratitude or a desire to worship God? Why or why not?
f.       What would God have to do to make you filled with so much gratitude to Him every day that it would spill over into abundant and genuine worship? Has God already done things like what you imagine would draw you to gratitude and worship? If so, did it produce the outcome you said? Why or why not?

1.      John is the surveyor and land-clearer, while Jesus is the foundation and the building

2.      The Holy Spirit is the Joy-Bringer. He is like Eugene. Many times Eugene comes into the room and the room brightens, and he raises the moods of the people present. And while I am not denying that it is because of who God is making Eugene to be, it is also because I think that bringing joy is Eugene’s spiritual gift. The Holy Spirit often works through Eugene to make us all a bit happier

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