Thursday, March 5, 2015

Living for God as His Holy Ambassadors (2 Cor. 5.11-6.2)

Scripture: 2 Cor. 5.11-6.2
Translation: 5.11So, since we know the fear of the Lord, we persuade people. And we are truly making ourselves clear to God, and I hope also to also making ourselves clear to your consciences. 12We aren’t recommending ourselves again to you, but giving an opportunity for you to boast about us, so that you have [something to say] to those who are boasting in face and but not in heart.13You see, if we’re crazy, it is for God. If we make sense, it is for you. 14You see, the love of Christ forces us, making this determination, that One died for all, so all died. 15And He died for all, so that those who are living would no longer be living for themselves but for the One Who died for them and was risen. 16Therefore, from now on we don’t know anyone in an human way—even if we knew Christ in a human way, instead now we don’t know Him that way anymore. 17Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, that person is a new creation! The old things have gone away—Look he really is becoming new!18And everything is from the God Who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation, 19such that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their rebellions to them and putting in us the message of reconciliation. 20So, we acts as ambassadors for Christ, as though God was urging through us. We ask for Christ: “Reconcile with God!” 21He made the One Who didn’t know sin sin for us, so that we could become God’s righteousness in Him. 6.1And so working together, we urge that you not receive the grace of God in vain. 2For He says, I heard you at a desirable time; and I helped you on the day of salvation.” Look! Now is the most desirable time! Look! Now is the day of salvation!
a.       Reconciliation
b.      Persuasion
c.       Before/after
d.      New creation
e.       Boasting
f.       Death and resurrection of Christ
g.      Time, the right time
h.      New vs. old


a.       What God/Christ/Holy Spirit Does
                                                              i.      Scares us
                                                            ii.      Loves us
                                                          iii.      Christ dies and raises
                                                          iv.      Gives us a new life
                                                            v.      Gives us a new perspective 
                                                          vi.      Makes us a new creation
                                                        vii.      Gives us a new calling
                                                      viii.      Reconciles us/the world in Christ through us
                                                          ix.      Doesn’t count our sins against us, but against Christ
                                                            x.      Urges us and the world to reconcile with God
                                                          xi.      He saves
                                                        xii.      The net result is that God gives us reasons to worship and live for Him, as well as providing us with a new identity, one that shapes our actions
b.      What We Do
                                                              i.      We fear God
                                                            ii.      We persuade people
                                                          iii.      We are genuine
                                                          iv.      We are committed to the Gospel, celebrating those truly genuine servants of God
                                                            v.      We act crazy for God and sane for people
                                                          vi.      We act on our love Christ and respond to His love for us
                                                        vii.      We believe that Christ died for all people
                                                      viii.      We live for Christ who died and was raised for us
                                                          ix.      We know Christ differently than the lost
                                                            x.      We get rid of our old lives and selves
                                                          xi.      We act as ambassadors by sharing the message of reconciliation and living for God in righteousness

                                                        xii.      We respond to the call to respond to the grace of God today by living holy lives and living as Christ’s ambassadors. 

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