Sunday, April 26, 2009

Regarding God's Goodness

Everyday indeed, God reaffirms His Goodness. He is indeed very God. It is His Ontology--His Being--He is GOOD! Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise Him, for He is God and He is Good. His Word and His Works testify to His Goodness. I know that He puts up with evil for the sake of His mercy and patience toward us so that all would come to Him. But, one wonders, why did He allow for evil in the first place? I mean He is All-Good All the Time, so where did it come from. He could have prevented it, for He is omnipotent and He is omniscient, so He knew it was coming. He is omnibeneficent, so He hates evil. So why is there evil? I mean, yes, I realize Adam and Eve sinned and brought evil into the word, the devil too had already fallen and sought to defile God unblemished creation. God could have indeed created us to be impervious to evil and sin, but indeed we were weak. I had not thought until now, but considering faith is the crux of our relationship with God perhaps that faith, which makes us so intimate with God, is that which also provided frailty--although God is the source of our faith, so why did that faith not get sustained? God does test. We failed. Ergo, we have great sin and thus great evil in the world. I just wonder why this is the way God chose to do things--surely He knows best. So I suppose the scariest thought is that this is the best option. Tell me, what do you think by faith that makes God in His Goodness allow sin to come into existence in the first place. He is Good. That is the unpronounceable Truth. I think to much for my own good, so you think for me. Why does evil exist? It perplexes me of recent days. Yet, I am have very little time. Praise the Lord for He is GOOD! He is Unfathomably GOOD!

Omnia Pro Gloria Dei

Omnia in hac area oportent etenim necesse sunt esse pro glora Dei, quia Is dignus infinite in aetates habere et dari omnia potentes et omnia honores et omnia gloriae et omnia laudes et omnia amores quoniam Is Tres Personae--Pater et Filius et Sanctus Spiritus--in Una Substantia--Sanctus Deus--est et Is Bonus, Bellus, Benignus, Verus, Aeternus, Omniponens, Unicus, Justusque est.