Sunday, April 26, 2009

Omnia Pro Gloria Dei

Omnia in hac area oportent etenim necesse sunt esse pro glora Dei, quia Is dignus infinite in aetates habere et dari omnia potentes et omnia honores et omnia gloriae et omnia laudes et omnia amores quoniam Is Tres Personae--Pater et Filius et Sanctus Spiritus--in Una Substantia--Sanctus Deus--est et Is Bonus, Bellus, Benignus, Verus, Aeternus, Omniponens, Unicus, Justusque est.


  1. All things in this site ought and indeed are necessary to be for (the purpose of) the glory of God, because He is Worthy Infinitely into the ages to have and to be given all powers and all honors and all glories and all praises and all loves since He is Three Persons--Father and Son and Holy Spirit--in One Substance--The Holy God--and He is Good, Beautiful, Kind-in-nature/Beneficent, True, Eternal, Omnipotent, One-and-Only, and Just.