Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jesus is Impressive Because He Can Heal Anything, and He Keeps His Priorities Straight

Scripture: Mark 1.29-45
Translation: 29And immediately after going out from the synagogue, the went into Simon’s and Andrew’s house with James and John. 30And Simon’s mother-in-law was lying down burning up with fever. And immediately they were speaking to Him about her. 31And after going in, He lifted her up when he grabbed her hand. And the fever left her, and she was served them. 32And after it became evening, when the sun had set, they were bringing to Him all those who were badly sick and those who were being demonized. 33And so the whole city was gathered to the door. 34And He healed lots of people who were badly sick with different kinds of diseases. And He threw out lots of demons, but He didn’t let the demons speak, because they knew Him.

35And after getting up really early in the morning while it was still night, He went out and went away into a deserted place and there He was praying. 36And Simon and those with him were looking all over for Him. 37And they found Him and were saying to Him that “All the people are searching for You.” 38And He was saying to them, “We should go somewhere else, into the next market-towns, so that I can also preach there, because for this purpose I went out.

39And He went—preaching—into their synagogues into the whole region of Galilee, and throwing out the demons. 40And a leper came to Him urging Him and kneeling down and saying to Him that “If you want to be able to make me clean?” 41And because He felt compassion, after stretching out His hand, He touched him all on His own and was saying to him, “I want to. Be made clean!” 42And then immediately the leprosy left him and he was made clean. 43And He was saying to him, “Make sure you say nothing to nobody! Rather go, show yourself to the priest and offer for your cleansing what Moses commanded as a testimony to them. 45But when he went out he began to preach many things and spread the word, so that He wasn’t able to go into a city openly any longer, rather He was outside at the deserted places. And they were coming to Him from everywhere.
Passage Summary: After preaching with authority and driving out a demon, Jesus  goes to Simon and Andrew’s house and heals a fever, then everyone brings sick people to be healed and demonized people to have the demons expelled, then Jesus gets up early to pray, and people are already looking for Him to, Jesus decides it’s time to move on to the other towns to preach, so He preaches all over the place, but He still casts out demons too, but He also heals a leper who comes to Him because of His compassion. Jesus tells the former leper to keep quiet, but instead he starts preaching and spreading the word/message, so Jesus has to minister in the deserted placed, but people still come from all over.
The Point I’m Stressing from the Text: Jesus is Impressive, because He can heal all kinds of diseases and drive out all demons and because He puts prayer first (His relationship with the Father first) and because He kept His focus on His Primary Calling of Preaching, but also because that did not stop Him from also healing sicknesses, even the incurable ones, and throwing out demons, humanizing the dehumanized, because He was filled with compassion, but as well because He still upheld the Law of Moses, and because fame was not His objective, but faithfulness was. But of course, because Jesus is this impressive, He became mega famous. He is clearly Powerful, more powerful than all demons and all diseases! The people knew what this meant. This meant coming to Jesus for healing, this meant telling the world about Who He Is and what He can do, trusting in Him for healing. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Genesis 39: Translation

Genesis 39

1Now Joseph was brought down to Egypt. And Potiphar, Pharaoh’s officer, the Commander of the Bodyguard, an Egyptian man, bought him from the hand of the Ishmaelites, who brought him down there. 2And Yahweh was with Joseph. And so he was a successful man. And he was in the house of his master, the Egyptian. 3And his master saw that Yahweh was with him, and [that] all that he did Yahweh was making successful in his hand. 4And so Joseph found favor in his eyes. And he served him. And he made him an overseer over his house.

Now, he gave all that belonged to him into his care [lit. hand]. 5And from that time on he was overseeing him/it[?] in his house and over all that belonged to him. And so Yahweh blessed the house of the Egyptian because of Joseph.

And the blessing of Yahweh was on all that belonged to him in the house and in the field. 6And he left all that was his in the hand of Joseph, and didn’t worry about [lit. know with himself] anything, except the bread that he was eating.

Now Joseph was sexy in form and sexy in appearance. 7And it happened after these things[lit. words] that his master’s wife started checking out [lit. lifted up her eyes toward] Joseph, and she said, “Sleep with me.” 8And he refused and said to his master’s wife, “Look, my master doesn’t worry about [lit. know with himself] whatever’s in his house and all that belongs to him he gave into my care [lit. hand]. 9There’s nobody greater in this house than me, and he didn’t withhold from me anything, except you, because you’re his wife! So how could I do this great evil and sin against God?”

10And there was a similar invitation to Joseph [lit. it was like her word to Joseph] day after day, but he didn’t listen to her to sleep next to her or to be with her. 11And it happened like this day that he went into the house to do his work, but there wasn’t a man in from the men of house there in the house. 12And she grabbed him by his clothes saying, “Sleep with me!” So he left his clothing in her hand and fled and went out to the outside.

 13And it happened as she saw that he left his clothing in her hand and fled to the outside 14that she screamed to men in her house and she said to them saying, “Look, he brought a Hebrew man in to us to make fun of us! He came in to me to sleep with me, so I screamed with a loud voice!” 15And it happened as he heard that  I raised my voice and screamed that he left his clothing next to me and fled and went out to the outside.” 16 And she put his clothes down next to her until his master came in to his house. 17And she told him  like these words by saying, “That Hebrew slave that you brought in to us came into me to make fun of me! 18And it happened as I raised my voice and screamed that he left his clothing next to me and fled to the outside!” 19And it happened as his master heard the words of his wife that she spoke to him saying, “your slave did like these words to me” that he got really angry. 20And so Joseph’s master took him and gave him to the jail-house, a place that the king’s prisoners were being imprisoned.

And he was there in the prison-house. 21And Yahweh was with Joseph. And he extended loyalty to him and He gave His favor in the eyes of the commander of the prison-house. 22And the commander of the prison-house gave into Joseph’s care [lit. hand] all the prisoners that were in the prison-house and he was doing all that they were doing there. 23There wasn’t the commander of the prison-house looking over all of anything in his care [hand] because Yahweh was with him and what he did Yahweh made successful. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jesus is Impressive and Preaches with Power

            Scripture: Mark 1.14-28
Translation: 14After John was arrested, Jesus went into Galilee preaching God’s Good News, 15namely by saying that “The time is fulfilled and God’s Kingdom is nearby: Change your minds and trust in the Good News!”

16And while passing by the Sea of Galilee, He saw Simon and Andrew Simon’s brother throwing fishnets in the sea, because they were fishermen. 17And Jesus said to them: “Come on after Me, and I will make you become fishers of men! 18And immediately leaving the fishnets, they followed Him. 19And going ahead a little bit, He saw James the son of Zebedee and John his brother and them in the boat getting the fishnets ready. 20And immediately He yelled out to them. And leaving their father Zebedee in the boat with the employees, they came out after Him.

21And they traveled into Capernaum. And then on the Sabbaths after coming into the Synagogue He taught. 22And they were consistently impressed because of His teaching, because He was teaching them like someone who had authority and not like the scribes. And immediately a man with an unclean spirit was in the their synagogue and he yelled 24saying: “What’s the deal for us and for You, Nazarene Jesus? Did you come to destroy us? I know You, Who You are! God’s Holy One!” 25And Jesus rebuked him by saying: “Be quiet and come out of him!” 26And after the unclean spirit sent him into convulsions and screamed with a loud voice, it came out of him. 27And absolutely all of the people were amazed, so that they discussing with themselves by saying: “What is this?! New teaching according to authority?!” and “He commands the unclean spirits and they obey Him!” 28And the report about Him went out immediately everywhere into the whole surrounding region around Galilee!
Passage Summary: Jesus starts His ministry by preaching the Gospel, calling four fishmen to fish for men with Him, teaching the synagogue, and by casting a demon out of a man, illustrating that He has the Spirit, that He is the One John prophesied, and that He has a powerful message from God: He is not like anyone else.
The Point I’m Stressing: Jesus is the One John Prophesied about, He has the Holy Spirit, He preaches the Gospel of changing one’s mind and trusting the Good News, He is worthy of being followed, He has authority to teach, and He is the boss of demons. Therefore, we should believe His message and change our minds, we should leave everything and follow Him, we should be impressed and amazed, we should rely on Him to deal with demons
1.      We have heard that Jesus has a message with authority, we have seen this Jesus be able to call people away from their work and families, we have seen this Jesus is able to change the direction of people’s lives, we have seen He really has the Holy Spirit and that He is the One John the Baptist was talking about, we have even seen demons, Jesus’ powerful arch-enemies obey Him, so that leaves one question for us: Will we? Indeed, if even the demons obey His command, we shouldn’t we? Are you more self-deceived and arrogant than demons? I hope not, but if you reject obedience to Christ, you are!
2.      The passage starts by telling us that Jesus is preaching God’s Good News and as part of that issuing God’s command: Change your minds and believe the Message! In this Passage we Jesus issue commands to men, and they listen, commands to demons and they listen, but while you may not realize it, He is still issuing commands and those commands are coming to us, to you, to me, and the question remains, will you listen, will I listen, will we listen?
3.      We have seen how the people in Jesus day reacted to His teaching and His doing: they were impressed and amazed, they could tell something was different! But how are we reacting? Are you impressed, are you amazed, can you see that something is different about this Jesus? If you can’t, the problem is not with the Bible, or with Jesus, it’s with you, and me, and us, if you can’t see it, and I can’t see it, and we as a community can’t see it, but of course seeing it means more than just mentally understanding the concepts, it means that we feel impressed, we feel amazed, we feel the differentness of Jesus, but that leaves the question: Do you, do I, do we?
4.      Moreover, Jesus’ command is to change our minds, that means change how we think, feel, and act, to have a change of heart, but His command is also to trust His Good News from God, this means we trust what God has to say not only about the Good News, but about how we should be thinking, feeling, and acting, and making His ways our ways, and making the Good News from God Good News for us from God!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Beginning of the Good News about Jesus

Scripture: Mark 1.1-13
Translation: 1The beginning of the good news about Jesus Christ, God’s Son: 2Just like it stands written in Isaiah the prophet: “Look, I’m sending My messenger ahead of Your face, who will prepare Your way! 3A voice of someone shouting is in the desert: ‘Get the Lord’s road ready! Make His paths straight!’” 4John, the one who was baptizing in the desert and preaching a baptism of repentance for forgiveness of sins, came. 5And the whole Judean region and all the people from Jerusalem were traveling out to him. And they were being baptized by him in the Jordan River [and] confessing their sins. 6And John was clothing himself with camel hair and leather belt around his waist and eating locusts and wild honey. 7And He preached by saying, “The One Who is stronger than me is after me, Who I’m not worth of for bending down to untie the straps of His sandals! 8I baptized you with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit!”
9And it happened in those days. Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized into the Jordan River by John. 10And immediately while coming up out of the water He saw the heavens being torn apart and the Spirit like a dove coming down into Him! 11And a voice came out of the heavens: “You are My Loved Son! I’m really happy with You!” 12And immediately the Spirit drove Him out into the desert! 13And He was in the desert for forty days being tested by Satan. And He was with the wild animals. And the angels were serving Him.

Descriptive Summary: God made a promise and kept the promise by sending John to prep Jesus’ way, which he did, even to the point of baptizing Jesus with water, but then God the Father baptized Jesus with the Holy Spirit, which may double as His Anointing. The baptism/anointing of the Spirit is proven by the driving to the desert, the temptation success, and the angels service.
The Points I’m Stressing: God keeps all His Promises, so you can trust Him; Jesus is so awesome that God sends someone to get the way ready for Him; Jesus is God’s Son, and His Chosen Servant, which the Baptism shows us! Jesus also obeyed the Spirit and wanted to glorify God more than anything else, but He was also stronger than anyone else by the Holy Spirit, and so He endured testing and angels served Him. We have the same Holy Spirit in us if we believe in Jesus, so that means we can endure testing too and do what God wants us to do.
The Text and Its Truths
1.      Key Themes
a.       God fulfills His Word/keeps His Promises
b.      John the Baptist is the fulfillment of God’s Word/Promises
                                                              i.      He fulfills because he prepares the way by baptizing (vv.4, 5, 8, 9)
                                                            ii.      He fulfills because he prepares by preaching forgiveness of sins (vv.4, 5)
                                                          iii.      He fulfills because he really is in the desert (vv.4, 5, 6, 9)
                                                          iv.      He fulfills because he proclaims Jesus’ Value, Power, and Holiness (vv.7-8)
                                                            v.      He fulfills because he foretells of Jesus’ kind of ministry of Spirit Baptism (v.8)
                                                          vi.      He fulfills because he baptized Jesus (v.9)
c.       Jesus is Worthy of Honor
                                                              i.      John honors Jesus (vv.4-9, esp. 7-8)
1.      By prepping His Way for his ministry with people (v.4-6)
2.      By prepping the people for the difference and preeminence of His ministry (vv.7-8)
                                                            ii.      God the Father honors Jesus
1.      By sending the prophecy (vv.2-3)
2.      By sending the prophecy’s fulfillment in John (vv.4-9)
3.      By splitting the heavens open (v.10)
4.      By sending the Spirit into Him (v.10)
5.      By publically proclaiming Him as His loved Son (v.11)
6.      By publically proclaiming He was happy with Jesus (v.11)
7.      By the driving to the desert, testing by Satan, and the service of angels to show Jesus’ Endurance, Power, and Holiness (vv.12-13)
                                                          iii.      Jesus obeys the Spirit (vv.12-13)
                                                          iv.      Jesus passes the testing from Satan (v.13)
                                                            v.      Jesus has angels serving Him (v.13)
d.      Jesus is Powerful
                                                              i.      He is filled with the Holy Spirit (v.8, 10)
                                                            ii.      He is God’s Son (vv.1, 11)
                                                          iii.      He is Anointed (vv. 1, 10, 12-13)
                                                          iv.      He is Filled with the Spirit (vv.8, 10, 12-13)
                                                            v.      He passed the testing in the desert with the wild animals and the devil (vv.12-13)
1.      He can handle nature
2.      He can handle the devil
3.      He can handle wild animals
                                                          vi.      Angels serve Jesus (the lesser serves the greater) (v.13)
e.       Jesus is God’s Son (vv.1, 10-11)
f.       Jesus is Holy (vv.8-9, 9-11, 12-13)
2.      Key Doctrines
a.       The Faithfulness of God to ALL of His Promises
b.      Divine Sonship of Christ
c.       Infinite Worthiness of Christ
d.      The Necessity of Baptism
e.       Anointing of the Anointed One by the Spirit
f.       The Sinlessness of Christ
                                                              i.      Obedience to the Spirit
                                                            ii.      Resistance to Satan/Sin
g.      The Power of Christ over Satan and Angels (Authority, foreshadowing the following verses)
Applications (Look)
1.      Trust All of God’s Promises
2.      Give Christ the Honor He Deserves
3.      Get Baptized
4.      If saved and thus filled with the Spirit, obey Him and resist the temptations of the devil/sin
5.      Rely on Christ when dealing with demonic warfare
6.      Believe in Christ as God’s Son, and thus King over All
7.      Get the way ready for Christ’s second coming by sharing the Gospel
8.      Be impressed by Jesus’ success in obedience, fasting, and testing
9.      Be thankful that God kept His promises
10.  Be thankful John got Jesus’ way ready, and let that message prep your own heart for Christ
11.  Be thankful Jesus surpasses even what John said in awesomeness and goodness
12.  And whatever else the Spirit works into your soul from the Word, and be like Jesus in listening to His moving, even if its hard or crazy