Need Some Good News?

There is One God, the Holy Trinity, Yahweh, Who always has existed and always will exist. He infinitely exists forever as 3 co-equal, co-eternal, co-awesome Persons: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ the Messiah), and God the Holy Spirit.

The Good News is not only that Yahweh the One True and Triune God exists, but that He is in control of all things, because He created and makes everything keep on existing.

But even though there is really only one God, we humans keep on trying to play god by living the lives God has given us for ourselves instead of for Him. But God still loves us and planned to save the humans He loves. So, to do this, God the Father sent God the Son to stay 100% God but also become 100% human at the same time. God the Son did by becoming Jesus Christ, the Messiah promised to Israel. Jesus lived the life totally for God that we could never live for us, and died the death we deserved for our rebellion, and lives the life we long to live forever. He promised to give us the credit for His life and death as well as give us that new life that never dies if we will trust Him to.

SO, if you believe this is true and as a result give up living your life for yourself and live it now for God, then YOU have what He promised right now! But you have more, you have God the Holy Spirit living in you to empower you to live your life all for God! He also helps you know you have all that He promised!

SO if you just believed and are now wanting to live your life all for God, please contact me so I can help you and rejoice with you!

But if you rejected this Good News, then I have some bad news for you. You don’t have all the good things that God the Holy Trinity Promised, but you do have all the punishment and pain coming to you that He promised to all the people who reject the Good News! That punishment will never end and will be worse than you ever imagined. Please, accept the Good News for yourself so you don’t get the bad news!

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