Saturday, April 14, 2012

Where is Hope?

Where is Hope?

Where is Hope, that Joyous Necessary Reality
that gets us through  a harsh reality with quality
whether that reality is  past, present or future?
Where is Hope, that Long Beloved, Anticipated Cure?

Where is Hope, that Wondrous Sublime Expectation so pure
That forces our dim hearts to yearn so confidently sure ?
Is Hope found in some situation or circumstance?
Where is Hope, that Long-Sought Despair-Eviscerating Lance?

Where is Hope, that Full Triumphant Certainty in advance
That makes our discouraged, broken ,troubled souls start to dance?
Is Hope found in people, places, things, or felicity?
Where is Hope, that Supreme Desire of All Centrality?

YES!!! Hope is Found! He wears a crown! He rose, but first went down!
YES!!! Hope is Alive! He sits on High! He left, but soon comes nigh!

Christians, OUR Hope is not found in situations, or persons, but in a person. Jesus Christ (see I Timothy 1.1). 

If you're not a Christian, then you really need Jesus too, so trust Him with your whole life because He died for you and rose from the dead for you (because like me you're a jerk to God and can't be His friend without some serious Divine Intervention), if you just bet your whole life on Him and only Him, which means you will also have to give up being the boss of your own life and all the things you have been putting your hope in instead of Jesus, maybe that's your job, romance, friends, sex, booze, success, or some other false-hope, as well as anything else that ticks Jesus off (it's hard to cling to hope if you constantly push it away), like lying, cheating (on tests, taxes, people, or God), unmarried sex (of both the hetero and homosexual varieties), holding grudges, acting violently, disobeying authorities (parents, cops, etc.), and whatever else the Bible says is sin, wrong, foolish, shameful, or improper. So, do this RIGHT NOW!!! Or, if you can questions, message me, email me, etc. and we'll talk! 

I Hope we all have hope now!
Much Love.
Pastor Anthony