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Dealing with People, When It's a Maturity Issue (1 Cor. 8.1-13, 10.23-11.1; Rom. 14.1-15.7)

Scripture: I Corinthians 8.1-13; 10.23-11.1; Romans 14.1-15.7
Translation: 1 Cor. 8.1And about things related to idols, we know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. 2If someone thinks he knows something, he doesn’t yet know to the degree that it is necessary to know. 3And if someone loves God, this person is known by Him. 4So, about the food of the things related to idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world and that there is no god, except One. 5And you see, even if there are so-called gods—whether in heaven or on earth—in the same way that there are many gods and many lords, 6but for us ‘There is One God, the Father, from Whom all things exist and we exist for Him! And there is One Lord, Jesus the Messiah, through Whom all things exist and we exist through Him!” 7But this knowledge is not in everyone. And some people are still now in the habit of the idol as they are eating the things related to idols. And their conscience, because it’s weak, is defiled. 8But food won’t present us to God: it isn’t that if we don’t eat we are lacking, nor is it that if we do eat we are abounding. 9And make sure that this right of yours doesn’t become a stumbling block for weak people. 10For if someone sees you who have this knowledge eating dinner in an idol’s temple, won’t the conscience of the person who is weak be built up into eating the idol-related things? 11You see, the weak person is destroyed by your knowledge—the brother for whom Christ died! 12And by sinning against the brothers in this way and attacking their weak conscience, you’re sinning against Christ! 13For this exact reason, if food is tripping my brother up, I for sue won’t eat meat forever, so that I won’t trip up my brother!
1 Cor. 10.23All things are allowed, but not all things are beneficial! All things are allowed, but not all things build up! 24No one should see his own interest, rather [he should seek] the interest of the other person. 25Eat everything sold in the market, scrutinizing nothing because of conscience, 26becauese “The earth is the Lord’s, and what fills it!” 27If any of the unbelievers invites you and you want to go, eat whatever is put in front of you, scrutinizing nothing because of conscience. 28But if someone says to you: “This is idol-related,” don’t eat because of that person who informed you and because of conscience. 29And I’m saying conscience—not your own, but the other person’s. Because for what purpose is my freedom judged by someone else’s conscience? 30If I enjoy by grace, why am I being slandered about what I’m thankful for? 31So, whether you’re eating or drinking or doing something, do all things for the glory of God! 32Become blameless/inoffensive both to Jews and to Greeks and to God’s church, 33just like I’m pleasing to all people in all things, not seeking my own benefit, but that of the many, so that they would get saved. 11.1Become imitators of me just like I too am of Christ!

1.      Structure
a.       1 Corinthians
                                                              i.      8.1-13              Don’t’ destroy Christians with your maturity
                                                            ii.      9.1-11              follow Paul’s example of humility
                                                          iii.      10.1-22            Don’t use maturity as a cover for idolatry
                                                          iv.      10.23-11.1       Embrace Freedom tempered by humility
b.      Romans
                                                              i.      14.1-12            Stop judging each other
                                                            ii.      14.13-23          Judge whether you are being true to your convictions
                                                          iii.      15.1-6              Be patient with weaker believers
                                                          iv.      15.7-13            Embrace one another, regardless of cultural background to the glory of God
2.      Themes
a.       1 Cor. 8.1-11.1
                                                              i.      Humility
                                                            ii.      Love
                                                          iii.      Judging
                                                          iv.      Following examples
                                                            v.      Others and their needs have priority of your wants
                                                          vi.      Freedom
                                                        vii.      Idolatry, idols, idol-related food
                                                      viii.      Eating
                                                          ix.      Drinking
                                                            x.      The glory of God
                                                          xi.      The salvation of the lost
                                                        xii.      Stumbling bocks
                                                      xiii.      knowledge
b.      Rom. 14.1-15.13
                                                              i.      Judging
                                                            ii.      Humility
                                                          iii.      Love
                                                          iv.      Differences of opinion
                                                            v.      Living for God
                                                          vi.      Embracing one another
                                                        vii.      Faith
                                                      viii.      Convictions
                                                          ix.      Prophecies of gentile inclusion fulfilled
                                                            x.      Hope
3.      Doctrines
a.       Don’t abuse your freedom, especially by judging others who don’t yet have it like you do, or by leading people to compromise the integrity of their convictions
b.      Jesus will judge
c.       Jesus died for us
d.      There is no special day or time, there is no bad food or drink

1.      Outline
a.       Reorient away from the “It’s right/wrong” issue towards the “How do I do what’s best for others” issue
b.      Reorient away from the “Is so-and-so right/wrong on this” question towards the “Am I living for the glory of God, doing what I believe to be true and right” question
c.       Reorient away from the “I deserve my rights” mindset towards the “I’ll gladly give up my rights for the sake of others” mindset
d.      Reorient away from the “they should be like me” attitude towards the “I want to be like Jesus” attitude
e.       Test Cases
                                                              i.      Worshipping on Sunday
                                                            ii.      Drinking alcohol
                                                          iii.      Vegetarianism
                                                          iv.      Watching movies
                                                            v.      Wearing dresses, facial hair
2.      Discussion Questions
a.       What are some issues that you think might be maturity issues? What side do you hold?
b.      When do you think is the right time to discuss which position is right or wrong
c.       Do you think it would be easy to give up your rights for the sake of someone else? Which ones would be hard, and which ones would be easy?

d.      Who are some examples of mature believers that you think are worth following when it comes to how to handle immature people? Are you actively trying to emulate them? 

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