Friday, July 15, 2011

Tentative 2011 Volunteer Assignments

VBS Volunteer Station/Group Assignments

1.    Zuly Nava (Pre-K)
2.    Chris Lee (1-3 & 4-6)

1.    Hansung
2.    Julie Seo
3.    Susie

1.    Julia Zheng
2.    Kristina
3.    Christ Han
4.    Jasmine
5.    Kayla
6.    Jenny
7.    Ben

1.    Praise Band
2.    __________—Motions
3.    __________
4.    __________

1.    Jane
2.    Joyce
3.    Josie

1.    Tyler
2.    Jessica
            Grades 1-3
1.    Danniel
2.    Jessica Zheng
3.    Demia
            Grades 4-6
1.    Ann
2.    Sang

Miscellaneous Needs:
1.    Pastor Anthony
2.    Alex Tellez
3.    Erica Tellez
4.    Alice Kim??

Feel free to comment on this and let me know how you feel about the decisions. I may give you a final version on Sunday. I had meant to have this up by Tuesday, but the power went off at the church from Monday Morning to Wednesday night, and was off again for part of yesterday. Needless to say I have been playing catch up. So sorry for the delay. Susie, Sang, and Christ, I know you had wanted some other roles, but I think this is where I need you for this VBS. I also moved around some people who weren't there on Sunday, so that I would have a Spanish speaker with the two younger groups, since they are the ones who will know less english (at least in my experience with the kids so far). Sorry for the unexpected changes, which may change by Sunday, but probably this is how it needs to be. 

Love you all!
Grace and Peace and Hope in Christ Jesus
Pastor Anthony

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