Saturday, July 9, 2011

"But it feels awkward..."

I am rather certain that this little phrase that explodes into the foreground of our thinking processes when confronted with an opportunity to rep Jesus and share the Gospel is the ground level reason why so many are in or will be in hell. This of course is not to say that it isn't ultimately God's sovereign choice, but it is to say that God's sovereign plan does not alleviate our human responsibility. God uses our failures in obedience to accomplish His Perfect Purposes as much as the successes He gives us in obedience. I, for my part, do not want my failure to boldly rep the Name as the cited means of someone else's eternity in eternal torment in hell. I would much rather have my obedience in boldness as the reason they burn so much or as the reason they burn not at all, based on their rejection of Christ or their acceptance of Him. Yet, if I keep silent, is it not both worse for them and for me--they will never get a chance to believe, and I will ever regret not giving such to them in Heaven. Yes, of course God is in control, but He brings people to Him through the spoken message of the Gospel. May I and my brothers and sisters in His Son always bring that spoken message to bear by the Holy Spirit in the opportunities granted.

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