Tuesday, July 26, 2011

PANDAFIRE VBS Teaching Themes

Teaching Theme of the Week: “Identity” (i.e., Who does God say we Are?) (overarching themes: Our Place in God’s Family, Perseverance, and the Gospel)

Nightly Teaching Themes
Night 1.      God is our Father (We are God’s Children)
a.    Rom. 8.12-17
b.    Luke 15.11-32
c.    I John 2.28-3.24
Night 2.      Jesus is our Brother (We are Jesus’ Brother)
a.    Rom. 8.12-17
b.    Rom. 8.28-30
c.    Luke 8.19-21
d.    Mark 3.31-35
e.    Matt. 12.46-50
Night 3.      The Holy Spirit is our Leader (We are the Spirit’s followers)
a.    Rom. 8.12-17
b.    Rom. 8.1-11
c.    John 16.5-15
d.    Acts 13.1-3
e.    Gal. 5.16-26
Night 4.      The Church is our Family (We are brothers and sisters of each other)
a.    Rom. 8.12-17
b.    Eph. 2.11-22
c.    Eph. 4.1-16
d.    I Cor. 8.1-13
e.    I Pet. 4.16-17
Night 5.      Endurance is our Calling (We are called to keep believing and obeying)
a.    Rom. 8.12-17
b.    Rom. 8.18-39
c.    I Pet. 4.1-19
d.    Heb. 12.1-13
e.    Eph. 6.10-20
f.     Luke 9.23-27
g.    John 16.33
h.    Luke 8.22-25

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