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The Promise of the Davidic King (1 Chronicles 17)

Scripture: I Chronicles 17
Translation: 17.1And it happened when David was living in his house that David said to Nathan the prophet, “Look, I am living in a house of cedar beams, but the Ark of Yahweh’s Covenant is under curtains.” 2And Nathan said to David, “Do all that’s in your heart, because God is with you!” 3And it happened during that night that the Message of God came to Nathan saying, 4“Go, so you can say to David, My servant, “Yahweh says the following: ‘You won’t build a house to live in for Me, 5because I haven’t lived in a house from the day that I lifted up Israel until this day, and I been from tent to tent and from one place to live [to another]. 6In every place that I have walked around, in all Israel did I speak the message with one of judges of Israel that I commanded to shepherd My people saying “Why haven’t you built a house of cedar beams for Me?”’ 7And now, you will say the following to My servant, David: ‘Yahweh of Armies says the following, “I took you from the pasture, from after behind the sheep, to be a leader over My people Israel. 8And I am with you in every place that you go and I will cut off all your enemies from in front of you. and I’ll make a name for you like the name of the great ones who are on the earth. 9And I will make a place for My people Israel and I will plant them and they will live and they will not be shaken again. And the sons of injustice will not wear them out again, just like the rest! 10And from the days that I commanded judges over My people Israel, and I humbled all your enemies, I’m tell you that Yahweh will built a house for you! 11And it will happen when your days will be filled up for going with your fathers and I will raise up your Seed after you, Who will be from your sons, and I will establish His Kingdom. 12He will built a house for Me, and I will establish His throne until eternity! I will become a Father for him, and He will become a son for Me! And I will not turn My loyalty away from his people, just like I turned away from who was before you. 14And I will make him stand appointed in My house and My kingdom for forever and his throne will be established for forever!” 15According to all these words and all this vision, Nathan spoke to David like this.
16And King David came in and sat before Yahweh, and said, “Who am I, Yahweh God, and who is my house, that You will bring me in all the way here? 17And this is small in Your eyes, God. And You speak about the house of your servant for a distant time. And You see me as the crown of the man raised high, Yahweh God! 18What else can David do again for You to glorify Your servant? And You know Your servant! 19Yahweh, because of Your servant and according to Your heart, do all this greatness, to make known all [Your] greatnesses! 20Yahweh, there is no One like You! And there is no god except for You among all that we heard of with our ears! 21And who is like Your people Israel, the one nation on earth that God went to redeem a people for Himself to make for You a name of great and terrifying things by driving out nations from in front of Your people that You redeemed from Egypt!” 22And You gave Your people Israel to Yourself for a people forever! And You, Yahweh, became God for them! 23And now Yahweh, may the message that You spoke about Your servant and about his house be reliable forever! And do just like what You’ve spoken! 24And may Your name be affirmed and made great for forever, so that [they] say, “Yahweh of Armies, God of Israel is God for Israel! And may David Your servant’s house be established before You! 25Because You are my God! You uncovered the ear of Your servant to build a house for him. Therefore, Your servant found [courage] to pray before You! 26And now, Yahweh, You are God! And You spoke this good thing to Your servant! 27And now You were pleased to bless Your servant’s house to be forever before You, because You Yahweh blessed and it is made blessed forever!
1.      Structure
a.       Intro: David Wants to Build Yahweh God a House
b.      Yahweh God Promises to Build David a House
                                                              i.      Yahweh comes to Nathan the Prophet at Night
                                                            ii.      Yahweh didn’t say to build a house
                                                          iii.      Yahweh promises to aid David’s Kingship
                                                          iv.      Yahweh Promises to protect His people
                                                            v.      Yahweh promises to build David a House
                                                          vi.      Nathan delivers the message
c.       David Praises Yahweh God for His Promise and Asks Him to Keep it
                                                              i.      David acknowledges his lowliness before God
                                                            ii.      David acknowledges God’s Omnipotence
                                                          iii.      David Acknowledges the Greatness of the Blessing
                                                          iv.      David Acknowledges that Yahweh is the Only God
                                                            v.      David asks Yahweh to keep His promises
                                                          vi.      David declares His trust in Yahweh to keep His promises
2.      Themes
a.       Building House
                                                              i.      This is a word play throughout the chapter, because while David was talking about a building for God, Yahweh was talking about a Dynasty for David
b.      Uniqueness of God
c.       Prophecy
d.      Establishing/affirming/etc.
e.       Leadership/kingship/shepherding
f.       Redemption
g.      Blessing
h.      Promises
i.        Living/sitting
j.        Gratitude
k.      Praise
l.        Prayer/asking
3.      Doctrines
a.       Yahweh God is the One and Only God there is, and He is different
b.      Yahweh God is Sovereign, Omnipotent, He is in control of all things present and future, even the people with the most power, Kings
c.       Yahweh blesses because He wants to, and if He wants to then we can trust Him to bless
d.      Yahweh will always keep His promises
e.       There has to be a Davidic King on the throne forever
f.       Yahweh picks His people for Himself, not the other way around, God picks us so we pick Him
4.      Notes
1.      Jesus really was promised
2.      We can trust God to keep His Promises
3.      God is in control, which means we have hope and peace in the middle of when things get crazy
4.      God picks who His people are, we can’t force people to become Christians, and people can’t force themselves, but God will save His people
5.      God doesn't need anything, nothing, and if He wanted something He can make it happen
6.      God likes to bless people, so we can trust Him to bless us as He has promised
7.      Jesus is the fulfillment of the Promise, and the New Testament makes clear that He will be reigning on King David’s Throne forever! Moreover, while God promise was mainly for Solomon to build a house, God is looking beyond just Solomon to Jesus, Who is building a House for God, and His House is us! This means that our bodies have value, the church community has value, and we should seek to embrace what Jesus is building us into
8.      God does respond to use when we seek His glory. David while He took initiative that God intended for someone else, his heart was in the right place and God did bless Him for that. And while we should not seek glory from God by pretending to do stuff for God, we can expect that God will not forget about our genuine actions that we take for His benefit!
9.      God promises to protect His people Israel, which means Jews today, but it also means Christians
10.  Yahweh is the Only God and there is no one and nothing like Him, so we must worship Him like crazy!
11.  Questions
a.       What is something you want to do for God? Do you think God wants you to do it?
b.      What is something God wants to do for you? Do you ask Him to do it? Do you trust Him to do it?
c.       Is Yahweh God, your God? Do You have anything or anyone else that You want or love or trust more than God?

d.      What is the difference between Yahweh the Holy Trinity, and the other gods, idols, and things that people worship or trust in or love? What is the difference between the gods Hindus worship, Allah the Muslims worship, the god of Science that some secular people worship, the god of Pleasure that other secular people worship, and Yahweh our God?

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