Saturday, June 29, 2013

Important Info on Bikinis

Dear Christian sisters and mothers,

I love you all dearly and want you to be treated like ladies, to be treated like the precious jewels you are. I also want you to be able to showcase the glorious crafting that God has given you in a positive and edifying way. I also want you to display the lasting beauty of Christian virtues in all areas of your life. And since Christians, by definition, care about reflecting the glory of God in their lives, I'm sure you do too.

How you and I live and act and even what we wear has an impact on how others see us. In general, it is my understanding that ladies don't like being told what they should and shouldn't wear by a man. So, instead of me explaining why I don't think bikinis are godly swimming attire, I thought I would pass along this video that has a brief history of ladies' swimming attire and some findings of a study done at Princeton University related to bikinis. The info is presented by a woman and she has some sensitivity to what it is like for you.

The Godly Truth About Bikini's - FINALLY Someone Gets It! from sharethemessage on GodTube.

I hope you found this video helpful in understanding a little bit why there is wisdom in modesty. To put it bluntly, I hate it when men see women as objects and not as people. Any honest man can tell you that a bikini is not going to help him think of you as a person. I want all people to treat like a person. And yes, it is not right for the men to objectify you regardless of what you're wearing or not wearing. But while men are not exempted from their foolish misassociations of near naked women and objects, it doesn't seem appropriate to consider yourselves exempt from applying wisdom to what you wear in general. After all, to some extent men and women already do apply some amount of wisdom to what we wear all the time. If I'm going to a wedding, I apply wisdom to know that I will receive negative attention if I dress down and look like a slob. You know if you are going to a job interview to dress professionally, because if you don't they will think you are not really interested in the job or are not very professional. They may be wrong to think that, but they will and so we accommodate. That's wisdom. And I am urging the exercise of wisdom for all Christians in what we wear to the pool or the beach (i.e. male bikinis aren't any more modest).

More could be said about the sacredness of your bodies, which requires them to be treated as sacred not just by men, but by yourselves, but I think this will suffice for now.

With Much Brotherly Love in Christ,
Pastor Anthony

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