Monday, June 17, 2013

Devotional Help, Part 1: Making the Time

Sometimes having good Quiet Times or Devotions can be a challenge. Of course the half the challenge is the desire and making the time. I feel like my you and I both have some desire to have devotions and have some ideas on making the time, so tomorrow I will focus most of my comments on what to do once we've finally relied on the Holy Spirit and applied some self-control to how we manage our time and schedules. I will be the first to admit that I have wasted hours either gaming or watching TV or youtube when I could taken at least some of that time and put it to good use by pursing God in prayer and Bible Study. But at any rate here are a couple of tips on making sure you have devotions:
     1. Pick a consistent time (it doesn't have to be at 9am sharp, because that is probably not realistic, but it can be something like, before I have breakfast, or right after dinner, [right before bed is usually not a good idea, but it is better than nothing if you've had a busy day, or if you're a night owl]). 
     2. Pick something to make contingent on having had devotions (for a few years I tried not to eat until after I had had my devotions [for me at least, hunger is a good motivator, but if you struggle with anorexia or bulemia or similar temptations I strongly suggest that you DON'T MAKE EATING CONTINGENT ON DEVOTIONS], but it could something like facebook or a shower or gaming or putting on makeup or whatever). 
     3. Pick a lifestyle or typical schedule that has time for devotions built in (so if you want to have them in the morning, that may mean going to bed earlier or making breakfast shorter, or if you want to have them in the evening it may mean working on homework, chores, or other household duties when you get home right away). 
    4. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, ask the Holy Spirit to help you in faith, and He will!

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