Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pastoral Musings on Hollowywood Sexuality and Morality

So Sunday night I read several movie reviews of movies that have recently come out. I was struck by one prevailing theme: sexual obsession. If one thing was the common denominator, beyond the fact that all are movies and all contained expletives (a sorry commentary on American vernacular creativity to say the least), they all fixated on sexuality and not in a good way either. Sadly the twisted warpings of sexuality that these movies either contain or glamorize are what we in our fallen humanity, our depraved debauchery we call existence, celebrate as "entertainment". Such is probably all too fitting a term, I wonder what kinds of thoughts and emotions and desires we entertain as we view those perverted spectacles, which makes me wonder what kind of perverted spectacles we ourselves have towards sexuality. I wonder what thoughts and emotions and desires that Jesus entertains as He watches us watch smut. I wonder how much smut a bride can imbibe before she becomes a smut slut. Sadly, how much indeed is said against us for using sin as entertainment. I am not talking about failings for the sake of the plot, but the on-screen idol-fests we call "sex-scenes". How long will we delight in evil and claim our love is for God and not for the world. We celebrate evil, and laugh with joy at some of its implications. We make light of sexuality, furthering the weight of our improbity. How long will we look with pleasure on that which God looks on with grief and rage? How long will we disconnect entertainment with what we entertain in our hearts, minds, souls, and bodies. That is to say, how long will be live in the denial that is "What I watch has no bearing on my heart, mind, and soul" as our wants, thoughts, and feelings contort themselves to see the world through the lens of Hollowywood sexuality and Hollowywood morality? Probably for about 90-120 min. depending on the movie...or at least that is what we would like to think. But just like downloading a virus-infested program that we like only takes a few minutes, but the effects last much longer and often appear long after the deadly deed, so our feasting on fleshliness may seem do nothing to affect our system, but time validates all too well. Just as we download a program or video with intentions of mindless and momentary pleasure that later slows and kills our system, so too we watch all kinds of "entertainment" with intentions of mindless and momentary pleasure that unbeknownst to us affects our spiritual "system" and slows our responsiveness to God and His Word and eventually leaves us no better than that computer sitting in your basement that doesn't work anymore from the constant internalization of viri. As Jesus says, "what comes out of a man was first inside him." So the real question is how care are we being with our "entertainment"? Do we even see what things our "entertainment" entertains in us? Is Hollowywood sexuality our "entertainment" or our "agrievement" (who loves coining terms....I do...that is to say, yes I know that is not a word, but it rhymes and you know what I mean)? Have we allowed Hollowywood morality to become the one we live by and glamorize, or is it the Holy One's morality we live by and glorify?

So this post is all over the place, but that is why I called it musings, aside from the fact that I find this kind of poetic writing amusing (have you caught the preponderance of wordplays yet?)

Much love to all who read this
Grace and Peace and Hope from God the Father through Jesus Christ His Son by the Holy Spirit His Spirit
Pastor Anthony

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