Monday, May 2, 2011

The Joy and Sobriety of Justice

So apparently about a week ago Usama Bin Laden met his end, along with his Maker. May the Lord have mercy on him, since this is most likely the beginning of a terribly unpleasant eternity for him. People cheer that justice is done, but for Usama the justice of God's wrath has only just begun with no end ever to come, unless he recanted his idolatry and turned to Jesus in faith, which is itself rather unlikely. Let us both celebrate the justice of God as much as we are sobered by its severity and humbled by the grace we ourselves have received in Christ and as we are sobered by the absolute eternal hell Jesus took for us in the moment of His Own death! JESUS ROCKS!!! ABBA ROCKS!!! THE HOLY SPIRIT ROCKS!!!

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