Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Doctrine of Unconditional Election: The Awesome Artisan

The Doctrine of Unconditional Election: An Awesome Artisan chisels out 10 statues from the same slab of marble that resemble the Artisan. The people of the town are all impressed by the 10 statues. The are very valuable and do resemble the Artisan very well. The people are all looking at the statues and studying them. They can't tell any difference between them. Even on the molecular level, they are totally the same! Then the Artisan picks 4 of the statues to take into His house to make them even more like Him, so that everyone sees how Awesome the Artisan really is. The people are confused. "Why only 4? Why those 4?" they ask Him. The Awesome Artisan responds, "Because I wanted those to be like Me more and to show Myself more within." "But they are exactly the same in every possible way!?" "True. But I loved those 4 for My house, not the other 6." "But why those 4?" "I didn't want the others." "But WHY? What is so special about those 4?" "Nothing. They're exactly the same. But I wanted those 4, so I picked those 4." "But there has to be something different about those 4 that would make you pick them!" "No. They're identical in every way, inside and out. The only difference is that I wanted those 4 and not the other 6. The difference is with which ones I want not with what they are like."

In the same way, God picks who He picks to be saved because of WHO HE IS, not who we are. We are all exactly the same. Nothing makes us worthy of being chosen. But God chose us and He chose us by grace and not by what we are like or what we would be like or what we do or would do. His pick was unconditional. There way not some condition that we met that made God choose us or want to chose us, He just chose us on His Own, because of WHO HE IS. He is the Gracious God Who chooses, so He graciously chose us. (see Rom. 9-11)

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