Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where to Turn When You Need Help

Scripture: Psalm 121


1 A song for ascents

I’m lifting up my eyes to the mountains,

Where will my help come from?

2 My help is from Yahweh

The One who made heavens and earth!

3 May He not allow your foot to be shaken!

And may The One who watches over you not slumber!

4 LOOK! He doesn’t slumber!

And He doesn’t sleep!

He who watches over Israel!

5 Yahweh is the One who watches over you!

Yahweh is your shade!

At your right hand!

6 By day the sun won’t strike you down!

Nor the moon by night!

7 Yahweh will watch over/protect you from every evil!

He will watch over your soul!

8 Yahweh will watch over your coming out and your going in

From now and into eternity

Exegetical Idea: A person want to know where he can find help, so another person Responds that His Help is Yahweh and He blesses the questioner—wanting Yahweh to be His Help—and then resolves that Yahweh is His Help now and forever!

Outline of the Text

a. A Question (v.1)--Person on the way to the Temple wonders where to find help

b. A Resolution (v.2)--Fellow traveler testifies Who his Help is: It is Yahweh the Creator God

c. A Blessing (v.3)--Fellow traveler blesses the questioner, that Yahweh would always protect him.

d. A Hope (vv.4-8)--Fellow traveler declares that there is Hope in Yahweh, that Yahweh is already our Help and He always will be

i. The Present (vv.4-6)--Yahweh is watching over Israel and you right now

ii. The Future (vv.7-8)--Yahweh will always watch over you--your whole life-- no matter what, in every circumstance,


Therefore, rely on Yahweh for Help in everything. Have Him be your Help, you can't help yourself. Rely on Him to help you get through all the hard, painful, awful stuff of life. When you have a ton of homework, when your parents aren't happy with you, when you have sinned really badly, when you don't get into the college you wanted, when people are mean to you, when you are violated, betrayed, and ignored--all the time in everything Yahweh is our Help and Him alone.

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