Friday, February 4, 2011

Signing Bibles is Kinda Creepy...

So on Feb. 3, I was at Moody Bible Institute's Founder's Week, which was pretty cool. Chip Ingram was the speaker for the evening session. In a very generous move, he and his ministry decided to give away one of Chip's books to every student at Moody. So I of course went to get myself a free book, it is free after all. Now, as I waited in line to get one of these free books, I was told that Pastor Ingram was signing the books. So, I was with my friend Adam, and we said, "Hey, what else do we have to do, let's wait in line to get it signed." So we waited for a while, but as we neared the signing table my eyes caught of glimpse of something I saw as terribly peculiar and creepy! Did my eyes really see what I thought they saw? O-hoh, yes indeed! Some people (equipped with a copy of the free book mind you) were whipping out their Bibles and having Chip sign them. I mean there they were with a perfectly good book that was intended even to be signed, but people instead got this man to sign their Bible--a BIBLE! Who signs a Bible? Sure, you might give a gift Bible and write a little note, but who signs a Bible like they would sign their own book? That just strikes me as creepy and wrong. Really creepy. I mean, what kind of view to people have of both their Bible and Chip Ingram that they think that having him sign it like a autograph diary is a good and legitimate use? It is a Bible, why would you have him sign a Bible? It is just creepy. I could explain how creepy this is to me and why, but suffice it to say that when I saw such actions I was disturbed in my soul at the profound not-rightness of it all. It just seems that a line was crossed somewhere in there--it just seems wrong, creepy wrong.

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  1. That is quite a disturbing occurrence. Seems a little too close to either treating the Bible as simply just another book or elevating a Christian leader and his autograph to an uncomfortably glorified position. :/ It's like when people cry just at meeting Joel Osteen. "For ALL have fallen short of the glory of God..." even him, even us. To God alone be the glory, and may His servants do their best to see that glory properly directed to Him alone. I went to a Casting Crowns concert once, and during the closing prayer, they cleared the stage so that no one would be tempted to give them praise instead of giving it to the Father. Anyways, that's the end of my supportive ranting against such things as people autographing Bibles and such... heh. God bless. -Cam