Monday, May 18, 2009

Peace at Last...and Greek Study

After enjoying a rigorous semester of labors and toils and little sleep, I am finished. I have finally slept in and enjoyed this odd feeling of having nothing in particular to do, id est, except for studying intensely Greek grammar and vocabulary so that I can take that placement exam and Lord's Willing be spared from having to retake grammar courses that I should already know. On the upside of victory is greater depths of studying into Greek and thus greater depths of insight into the meaning of Scripture. On the downside of failure is the fact that I will have to take stuff that I should know already and be delayed in my pursuit of greater Greek learning. On the upside of failure, my next semester will be much easier than expected. Regardless, for now it is nice to have little more to do that fulfill my highest callings: To Love the Lord my God with all my heart, mind, body, soul, and strength, To Love Melissa the one and only woman God has called me to as Christ loves the Church, and To serve and edify the Church as an undershepherd of the Savior. Peace Indeed! To pose another philosophical question: "How do the mind and the body interact?" I desire interaction. No answer is too crazy, well, perhaps that is saying a bit too much...

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