Saturday, May 23, 2009

#2 How Old is God?

Here are the options: 
1. God is as old as the universe
2. God is as old as time
3. God is 1,000,000,000,000 years old
4. God is not old at all, He is young/new
5. God is too far away to know how old He is
6. God does not have an age, because He created time--He goes beyond time
7. God does not have an age, because He always was, is, and will be--He goes beyond time 

Option 1 is wrong, because God created the universe (Gen. 1:1), so he was already around before it existed. 
Option 2 is wrong, because time has only been around since it began in the beginning (Gen. 1:1), which means that time started when God first created. Without God there is no time, but with out time there is still God. 
Option 3 is wrong, because God is infinite, which means that you cannot measure Him because He is unlimited and measures are a way to limit things, so since years are a measure, then God cannot be any number of years old, no matter if it is a lot of years or a little bit of years.
Option 4 is sort of right or sort of wrong, depending on what you mean by saying that. If you mean that God did not always exist, then Option 4 is wrong. However, if you mean that God is not frail/weak like many who are old, but rather that He is always strong, vibrant, and quick, then Option 4 is right. For God never gets old or wears out or gets weaker or decays or becomes boring, so in that sense He is always young/new/untarnished. 
Option 5 is wrong, because God has told us about Himself in His Word, and He puts His Spirit in those who believe, so that God really is close and we really can know about Him. 
Option 6 is right, because it is saying that God is bigger than time and that He does not have an age, because all time (and so all ages inside of time) depends on God. God goes beyong time, beyong years, decades, centuries, millennia, etc. (Gen. 1:1 implies this, so does Rev. 22:130). He is infinite (I Kings 8:27, Psalm 147:5). 
Option 7 is right, because it is saying that God is. This is a little  more complicated than option 6. It is an reason from God's necessary and infinite and eternal being--which is a way to say that that God is not just bigger than everything and the creator of everything, but rather He is the sustainer of everything including time (Acts 17:29; Col. 1:15-20; Heb. 1:3). We are, only because He is. He does not have an age because He is. He just is. He exists, always have, does, and will no matter way. His existence is the only one that does not have a cause, but is the cause for all other things. Age is a way to measure the length of someone immediate existence, but God's existence is infinite (immeasurable, unlimited) and is in fact the source of all existence. Therfore, not only can God not have an age, but further He gives age to everything else. He is ageless. His being is was makes age possible, without Him nothing could exist, and age is a measure of existence, so God does not have an age He only gives them. So, basically God is and something about Him being who He is and the way He is means that He cannot have an age, because age is a way to limit, but God has no limits when it comes to time or anything else. Or God is who He is: He who was and is and is to come  (Ex. 3:14, Rev. 4:8).

Are you confused by now, I think I am. So if you have questions, leave a comment. I will try to answer. 

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