Tuesday, March 14, 2017

After some server issues, we're back...and black holes..

So, unfortunately I missed the importance of some random email sent to be by the domain host, which meant they closed down the site and kept people from seeing anything. I've been working on my thesis pretty intensely for the past few months, so I don't know how long the site has been out of commission. That said, my thesis is still unfinished, so until it is, I will not be posting consistently. However, I have to leave you with something. So...here's a theological thought for the day.

Augustine, among many others, has suggested that sin and evil are the absence of good, much as darkness is the absence of light. Perhaps this is true, on some level, but what if sin is actually more the spiritual equivalent of a black hole. It is not so much that it is an absence of light, but that it is such a profound and serious disruption of space-time that everything, even unrelated things are sucked into it. Perhaps sin is more like the unstoppable force of a black hole's hyper-gravity. Things that had nothing to do with its formation are sadly caught up in its pull and torn asunder by its ravaging vorteces. In this sense, creation came under the destructive reality disruption of sin. A reality even more foundational than space-time was distorted, and with that distortion what was warped was not just time and space, but the fabric of the human soul. All creation and all humanity along with it is being pulled towards one massive black hole, but it is not the one at the center of our galaxy, or even some even more massive one that could be at the center of our local galaxy cluster, rather it is the terrible black hole that is created when a mere star attempts to become the Light itself and collapses in on itself and its own weight cements it in an eternal fall into infinite oblivion.

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