Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summertime! Posts!

Happy Summer everyone!

We'll call this past semester an imposed academic sabbatical from posting...haha...but it's summertime now and I've only got a mere 2 credit hours between me and my M.A. in Systematic Theology degree in the fall. So, the posts should be more consistent...famous last words...

That said, here is glimpse of posts (or rather series of posts) that what I am (and have been) working on.
   1. Christians, Vaccines, and Moral Complicity
   2. Depersonalizing the Body: Hyper-Mind-Body Dualism Today
   3. Contemporary Passivity of (United States) Christians and (Lack of) Boldness
   4. Christians and Drinking (Alcohol)
   5. Christians and Social, Cultural, Technological, and Artistic Engagement
   6. The Nature of Language and the Trinity
   7. Poetry

I'm also up for having some topics suggested to me, so comment if you've got a suggestion. Of course, it doesn't guarantee I'll be interested in writing on it, but I am open to ideas. Further, I am hoping to update the look and feel of the site over the summer, so be prepared for that. My desire is to have sections dedicated to various aspects, e.g. a section for theology, a section for academics, etc.

Happy Summer!
Grace and peace and hope in Christ alone!

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