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GOOD FRIDAY!!! Jesus--Tried, Crucified, and Buired (Mark 15)

Unfortunately, because of the structure of the service, no sermon audio is available for this set of notes, I still hope it helps you though. 

Scripture: Mark 15
Translation: 15.1And immediately, early in the morning, because the chief priests had made a plan with the elders and the scholars and the whole Sanhedrin, having tied Jesus up, they took [Him] away and handed [Him] over to Pilate. 2And Pilate asked Him, “Are You the King of the Jews?” And Jesus to answer him was saying, “You’re saying [it].” 3And the chief priests were accusing Him of many things. 4And Pilate asked Him again, saying, “Aren’t You going to answer anything? Look! They are accusing you of so many things!” 5But Jesus no longer answered with anything, with the result that Pilate was shocked.
6And according to the feast, He would release to them one prisoner, who they requested. 7And the one called Barabbas was chained with the terrorists/rebels, who in a rebellion had committed murder. 8And rising up the crowd began to ask just how much he was going to do for them. 9And Pilate answered them, saying, “Do you want me to release to you the King of the Jews?” 10(For he knew that because of jealousy the chief priests had handed Him over.) 11And the chief priests stirred up the crowd, that instead he should release Barabbas to them. 12And Pilate again to answer was saying to them, “So, what should I do about who you call the King of the Jews?” 13And they shouted again, “Crucify Him!” 14And Pilate was saying to them, “Then what bad thing did He do?” And they shouted a lot more, “Crucify Him!” 15And Pilate, because he wanted to do enough for the crowd, released to them Barabbas. And he handed over Jesus, after flogging [Him], so that He could be crucified.
16And the soldiers took Him away inside the courtyard, that is the Praetorium, and they were summoning the whole cohort. 17And they dressed Him up in purple and weaving a crown made of thorns they put [it] on Him.. 18And they began to greet Him, “Hello, King of the Jews!” 19And they hit His head with a reed and spit on Him and putting down their knees, they swore allegiance to Him. 20And when they made fun of Him, they stripped Him of the purple and put His clothes on Him. And they were taking Him out, so that they could crucify Him.
21And they forced someone who was passing by, Simon from Cyrene, who was coming from the field, the father of Alexander and Rufus, in order that he could carry His cross. 22And they brought Him to the place ofGolgatha  (which is translated “The Place of the Skull” ). 23And they were giving Him drugged wine, Who also would not take [it]. 24And they were crucifying Him and “dividing up His clothes by throwing lots for them, so that someone could take something. 25And it was the third hour and they crucified Him. 26And the written statement of the charge against Him was clearly being written, “The King of the Jews.” 27And with Him they were crucifying two muggers, one on the right and one on His left.
29And the people traveling by were slandering Him, shaking their heads and saying, “Hey You, the One Who’s going to destroy the Sanctuary and build it up in three days, 30save Yourself, by coming down from the cross! 31Similarly, the chief priests also mocking [Him] before one another with the scholars were saying, “He saved others. He can’t save Himself! 32The Messiah, the King of Israel had better come down right now from the cross, so that we could see and believe!” And the guys who were actually getting crucified with Him were insulting Him!
33And when it became the sixth hour, darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour. 34And at the ninth hour Jesus yelled with a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani!?” (which is translated “My God, My God, for what purpose did You abandon Me!?) 35And some of the people standing there, after hearing, were saying, “Look, He’s shouting for Elijah!” 36And someone ran and filled a sponge with vinegar, put it around a reed, and gave Him a drink saying, “Leave [Him] alone. Let’s see if Elijah comes to take Him down.”
37And Jesus after letting out a great shout breathed out for the last time. 38And the curtain of the Sanctuary tore apart into two pieces from top to bottom. 39And the centurion standing there in front of Him, because he saw that He breathed out for the last time like this, said, “Truly, This Man was God’s Son!”
40And there were also women watching from a long way away, among whom were also Mary from Magdala and Mary the mother of Little James and Joses and Salome, 41who when He was in Galilee were following Him and serving Him, and many other women whom who had come up together with Him into Jerusalem.
42And becoming night already, since it was the preparation, that is the pre-sabbath, 43coming Joseph from Arimathaea a prominent councilor, who also was himself looking forward to the Kingdom of God, daring, he went in to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. 44And Pilate was shocked, since He really was already dead. And summoning the centurion, he questioned him if He had died already. 45And because he knew from the centurion, he gave the corpse to Joseph as a gift. 46And buying linen cloth, taking Him down he wrapped [Him] with the linen cloth and put Him in a tomb, which was carved from the rock. And he rolled a stone in place at the door of the tomb. 47And Mary from Magdala and Mary the mother of Joses watched where He really was put.
Passage Summary: xxx
The Point I’m Stressing: xxx

1.      Structure
a.       Jesus before Pilate (vv.1-5)
b.      Jesus rejected by Jews (vv.6-15)
c.       Jesus mocked and beaten by Soldiers (vv.16-20)
d.      Jesus crucified (vv.21-28)
e.       Jesus mocked by Jews (vv.29-32)
f.       Jesus abandoned by God (vv.33-36)
g.      Jesus dies (vv.37-39)
h.      Jesus witnessed by women (vv.40-41)
i.        Jesus buried by Joseph of Arimathaea (vv.42-47)
2.      Themes
a.       Rejection
b.      Mocking
c.       Crucifixion
d.      Death
e.       Burial
f.       Mock Trial
g.      Accusations
h.      Suffering
i.        Son of God
j.        King/King of the Jews
k.      Innocent Jesus
3.      Doctrines
a.       Jesus truly died on the Cross
b.      Jesus was buried
c.       Jesus’ death on the cross took the sins of those who would believe away
d.      Jesus was innocent of all wrongdoing and sin
e.       Jesus suffered for us
f.       Jesus is the Son of God, that is, He is God, Who became man, for the glory of God the Father.
1.      Outlines
a.       We have all rejected and devalued and disbelieved Jesus—the essence of sin
                                                              i.      There is the same temptation to cave to the pressure of the crowds, instead of loving Jesus
1.      We can cave to the pressure of people who are against Jesus,
                                                            ii.      There is the same temptation to reject and devalue Jesus for other things
1.      Romans
2.      Sex
3.      Money
4.      Power
5.      Grades
6.      Status
7.      Fame
8.      Friends
9.      Family
10.  Games
11.  TV
12.  Sports
                                                          iii.      There is still the temptation to disbelieve Jesus
1.      By not trusting Him to save us
2.      By not trusting Him to lead us
3.      By not trusting Him to teach us
4.      By not trusting Him to be Who He is and said He was
b.      We all deserved to be judged and punished by men—but Jesus was judged and punished for us
c.       We all deserved to be shamed and mocked---but Jesus took it for us
d.      We all deserved to be abandoned and judged by God--but God did it to Jesus instead
e.       We all deserved to die a physical death for our sin—but Jesus died for us
f.       We all deserved to be buried and left to rot—but Jesus was buried for us
2.      What is sin?
a.       Sin is the rejection of Jesus
b.      Sin is the bad things we do
c.       Sin is not believing that Jesus is Who He says He is
3.      What makes sin so bad?
a.       Sin is bad because it devalues God, Who created everything, which means that He gave everything value
b.      Sin is bad because it is actually a form of rejection and hate against God, because God loves us and our sin is a way of saying “I hate you” to God, and a way of saying, “I don’t need you!”
c.       Sin is bad, because at its core it is us trying to be God, which we are obviously not, we are trying to steal God’s worship and glory
d.      Sin is bad, because it loves lies rather than the truth
e.       Sin is bad, because it hurts others
f.       Look, basically sin is bad, because instead of giving God what He deserves, instead of giving Him what we own Him, we steal it and give it to ourselves or something else that we love
g.      God is a Father to us, and sin is bad because it is like rejecting the Father’s love and care for us
4.      Prayer Topics
a.       Let’s pray and thank Jesus for being judged and punished like He was guilty
b.      Let’s pray and give all the shame and embarrassed feelings we have over our failures and sins
c.       Let’s pray and thank Jesus for being abandoned and judged by God for us
d.      Let’s pray and thank Jesus for His death and burial for us
e.       Let’s pray and confess our sins, our rejection and disbelief in Jesus or what Jesus taught 

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