Friday, April 18, 2014

Passion Week Devotions, Good Friday: Jesus' Death For Us Makes Us a Community for God

Revelation 5.9-10

9And they were singing a new song, saying, “You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because You were slain and purchased for God by Your blood from every tribe and language and people and nations, 10and You made them a kingdom and priests for God, and they will reign on the earth.

Jesus’ death makes a difference for us not just as individuals, but for us as a collective community. Jesus was killed. But His death was how He bought all of us. He used His blood as currency. This made us all have something deeply true about us in common. We all have been bought by Jesus’ blood.

But this purchase by His blood is not the only thing that brings us together. Instead, through that act, He also made us into one Kingdom. Even though we all come from different families, backgrounds, nations, cultures, languages, and ethnicities, Jesus made us one Kingdom for God.

And we have become priests for God because of Jesus’ death for us. This means that we can know God and serve God without anything holding us back.

However, when Jesus bought us with His blood, so He could make us a kingdom for God and priests for God, in that same act He bought us to a common and everlasting destiny. In Jesus we all have the same destiny, to rule together on earth.

So that means that Jesus has made us a community. What makes us a unified community that loves and serves God together is that through Jesus we were purchased to be a community for God.

Jesus death’ for us, made us to be for God. Jesus died for us, and through Jesus we live for God together. We are a kingdom that will reign on earth. We have a common Savior, a common King, a common God, and a common destiny. Jesus is the glue that keeps us together, a glue that begins with Him buying us for God with His Own blood.

So, let’s enjoy and celebrate the community we have in Jesus. And when there is an issue between people, we should remember how much we have in common in Jesus and how much we are worth to Jesus as a community. We should, because of our faith in Jesus and because His death was for us, do what He bought us to do: be a kingdom for God and people who worship and serve God, a community that will one day rule the world with Jesus. Because of Jesus’ death for us, our differences no longer have to divide us, they can be our strengths to do and be what Jesus paid for!

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