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Jesus Prays (John 17)

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Scripture: John 17
Translation: 17.1Jesus spoke these things. And then after lifting up His eyes to Heaven, He said, “Father, the time has come. Glorify Your Son, so that the Son can glorify You! 2Just as You gave to Him authority over all flesh, so that in accordance with everything that You gave Him He would give them eternal life! 3And this is eternal life, namely that they would know You, the Only Real God and who You sent, Jesus the Messiah! 4I glorify you on the earth having completed the work that You gave me, so that I would do [it]. 5And Now glorify Me—You Father, in Your Presence with the glory, which I had in Your Presence before the world existed! 6I’ve revealed Your Name to the men, who You gave me from the world! They were Mine, and You gave them to Me! and they are in a state of keeping Your Word! 7Now they know that everything that You gave to Me is from You, 8because the spoken-words, which You gave me, I gave to them, and they received and know truly that I came from You! And so they believe that You sent Me!
9I ask for them. I don’t ask for the world, but for who You gave Me, because they’re Mine! 10And all the things that are Mine are Yours, and all the things that are Yours are Mine! And I’m glorified in them! 11And I’ll no longer be in the world, and they will be in the world, and I’m coming to You, Holy Father! Keep them in Your Name, which You gave to Me, so that they will be one just as we [are]! 12When I was with them, I kept them in Your Name, which You gave to Me! and so I protected, and none of them was destroyed, except the son of destruction, so that the Scripture would be fulfilled! 13And now I’m coming to You and these things I’m speaking in the world, so that they will have My joy fulfilled in themselves. 14I will give them Your Message, and the world will hate them, because they aren’t from the world, just as I am not from the world. 15I’m not asking that You would take them out from the word, but rather that You would keep them from the evil one! 16They’re not from the world, just like I’m not from the world. 17Make them Holy by the Truth! Your Word is truth! 18Just as You sent Me into the world, I too sent them into the world! 19And for them I make Myself Holy, so that they themselves will also be made Holy by the Truth!
20But not only am I asking for them, but also for those who will believe in Me through their message, 21that they all would be one, just as You, Father, are in Me, and I am in You, so that they also would be in Us, so that the world would believe that You sent Me! 22And I gave them the glory that You gave Me, so that they would be one, just as We are One! 23I am in them and You are in Me, so that they would be completed into one, so that the world would know that You sent Me and You love them, just like You love Me! 24Father, what You gave Me, I will that wherever I Myself Am, those people would also be with Me, so that they would look at My Glory, which You gave Me, because You loved Me before the creation of the world! 25Righteous Father, the world also doesn’t know You, but I know You, and these people know that You sent Me. 26And I made known to them Your Name, and I will make [it] known, so that the love, with which You loved Me would be in them and I would be in them!

The Point I’m Stressing: Jesus teaches us how to prayer with His prayer, as well as teaching us what to pray for, and giving us hope for a unified and loving future in the church, as well as practical help in reaching the lost with the Gospel: He teaches us to be honest with the Father, and interact with God the Father like He is our Father, in Jesus’ Name, as well as teaching us to pray for God’s Glory, His Own Glory, and Unity and Love among believers, and that loving unity among believers shows unbelievers that God loves us and that He is with us and that we love and serve the Triune God, the God who is eternally Three Persons, but One God, just as the church is many people, but one Church deeply connected to each other in Christ!

1.      Structure
a.       Jesus Prays for Himself
b.      Jesus Prays for His Current Followers/Apostles
c.       Jesus Prays for His Future Followers/Coverts
2.      Themes
a.       Jesus was faithful
                                                              i.      This theme is threaded throughout the passage and in some ways provides the basis for the answer of the prayer request
b.      Truth
                                                              i.      This theme is tied in, especially from 14.6 “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father, except through Me”
                                                            ii.      This theme also comes up many other times in 13.31-16.33
c.       Eternal Life
                                                              i.      A wider theme found throughout the book of John, such as 3.16
d.      Glory
                                                              i.      This is Jesus main concern in 17.1-5 and in 17.24
e.       Unity
                                                              i.      This is a core theme to this chapter, being discussed from 17.11-23
f.       Word/Message/Speaking
                                                              i.      This is tied to the prologue in 1.1-5
g.      Knowing
                                                              i.      God
                                                            ii.      Jesus
h.      Sending
                                                              i.      This has been a main theme in the book, but it is especially a core theme here
i.        Giving
                                                              i.      God the Father Gives to Jesus
                                                            ii.      Jesus gives to His followers
j.        Faith
                                                              i.      This is a main theme in the book, but here surfaces only briefly in Jesus’ mention of those that will one day believe in the message of the apostles, as well as in Jesus’ attitude of faith as He prays
k.      Love
                                                              i.      This is also a main theme of the section, and here surfaces again with it made clear that God the Father loves Jesus and that love should categorize the unity of true Christians
l.        Prayer in the Name of the Father/Jesus/Authority/Power
                                                              i.      The theme of authority is focused on in this section as well, with it stated that Jesus was given authority over the whole of humanity
                                                            ii.      However authority also comes up in the repeated references to the Name that Jesus has from the Father
                                                          iii.      Also some of the references to “what You have given Me” probably refers back to the Name or the authority, although sometimes it may refer to the group of believers
m.    Joy
                                                              i.      Comes about through prayer, and here we find that it also comes through hearing Jesus’ words

3.      Doctrines
a.       The Doctrine of the Tri-Unity of Yahweh God: God is One God, but at the same time at all times is 3 Persons: God the Father, God the Son, Jesus the Messiah, and God the Holy Spirit
b.      Prayer should be done in the Name of Jesus, which is the Name of God, that is the Name, Yahweh!
c.       The Church is by definition to be missional, that is a group of people unified like our Triune God full of Love like our Triune God and reaching out to the world like our Triune God
d.      The Triune God is the Possessor of all glory, and is Worthy of All the Glory!
e.       Jesus was humbly and faithfully obedient on earth, completing His Mission effectively, He was a faithful Servant (cf. OT prophets)
f.       The Church Should be Unified
g.      Salvation/eternal life, consists in knowing God the Father and God the Son, and implicitly also Knowing the Holy Spirit, thus, having a true relationship with the True Triune God is what it means to be saved, and it is the culmination of the richness of eternal life!
h.      The evil one is a threat to our continued presence and holiness in the world, which means he is real, but he is also weak, because God can and will protect us from him
i.        Truth is categorically the Word of God, which is Jesus the Messiah Himself as well as what God/Jesus has verbally conveyed
j.        God is the Possessor of All things
k.      Salvation is by God’s decision, before time began (cf. they are not from the world, like I’m not from the world, those given to me)
l.        Jesus Christ was sent by God, which means He is God and the sole authorized spokesman for God!
4.      Notes
a.       This chapter is a confluence of themes of the section which started in 13.31, the climactic expression and tying together of the themes phrased in the theme of prayer rather than that of teaching
b.      Larger, book wide themes are also pulled in, including “Logos, speaking, Love, Faith, Eternal Life, etc.

1.      Be Thankful—Pray thanking Jesus for  His Prayer
2.      Be Encouraged, because Jesus’ prayer will NOT go unanswered, and know that He will be pulling for us
3.      Be Loving, because that is what Jesus wants
4.      Be Impressed with Jesus, because that is what He wants
5.      Be Unified, because that is what Jesus wants, because that is Who He is, and what the World Needs to see to see Jesus as God
6.      Be Bold, because Jesus has given You the Message and the Authority to tell it
7.      Be Missional, because You have been sent, so go and tell people
8.      Be different, because if You trust in Jesus for eternal life, you are not a part of the world, you shouldn’t be like it
9.      Be prayerful, because we have all boldness and authority to pray!
10.  Be happy, because You have heard Jesus’ Message
11.  Be glorifying God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, because they are worthy of all the glory!
12.  Feel Secure, because Jesus has prayed for Your protection!
13.  Be honest in your prayers, like Jesus

14.  Jesus seems to be suggesting that the best way for Christians to explain the doctrine of the Holy Trinity to unbelievers is to live out the doctrine in the church, by being filled with unity with one another and love for one another 

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