Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Oddly enough, my 21st birthday was more of a day to serve and work than it was to relax and be served. However, Melissa did help make it special by taking me out to dinner at Giordano's (which is the best Chicago Style pizza ever--there is just so much wonderful cheese, an inch of it at least)--the pizza was quite good and she even let me put green peppers on half..mmm...and then when I took her home there was tea cake waiting for me...mmm...to be fair, my family did something for me too, but they were trying to surprise me so I did not know about and apparently missed the signals that said I needed to get home earlier...needless to say I felt bad for obstructing their plans to make my birthday special.

Certainly, since it was a Sunday, I was in Chicago for Church, where it just so happened that a child was celebrating his birthday and so I sort of celebrated with him before my church surprised me with my own cake and balloon--it was very sweet...the act that is, but I suppose the cake too. Nevertheless, due to the necessity of helping the chaotic car wash going on at the same time in the Church parking lot, I did not get to celebrate long or finish my meal. Following which, I conducted a preparation for VBS (which is next week) meeting with the Youth Group after the Car Wash was over.

So, indeed I did not spend the day drinking or anything so foolish and wicked as to celebrate drunkenness by a grand participation thereof. (As an aside, for the record, I find no Biblical problem with drinking, but rather with getting drunk; considering that Paul told Timothy to drink some wine because it would be good for his stomach, drinking is not sinful, but God through Paul makes it very clear that getting drunk is a sin. So, for those of you who do drink, I applaud your Christian liberty to drink without getting drunk as long as you do so to the Glory of God, for drinking for the sake of drinking is rather a poor motivation, curiosity does not always mean it is a good reason, for my eyes may be curious as to what scantily clad thing that they just saw stroll past, but it would be evil to indulge their curiosity.) Personally, I feel compelled to not drink whatsoever, a compelling coming from the upbringing that God Providencially placed in me and coming from the Spirit and from a certain Moody Bible Institute form that I am repeatedly forced to sign. My conscience forbibs my partaking of alcohol, but I do not miss it, nor do I desire to look down on those who do partake of alcohol to the Glory of God.

Thank you, Lord for 21 years outside the womb! May the rest of the years you bless me with be all to love, serve, know, and glorify you and to that end to love, lead, and feed the church. I love You so much, Holy Trinity!

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